The Inter-Parliamentary Meetings (IPM) are annual high-level meetings among Members of Parliament from all over Europe with selected experts from the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency attending. The meetings are the key platform for related discussions among key decision makers within the EU.

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This event intends to create a high-level thematically structured conference every year with high participation numbers on each one of the following topics: renewable electricity, renewable heating and cooling, and renewable transport. These conferences will take place in Brussels and will target different authorities and stakeholders from all Member States.

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Aimed at discussing the main obstacles and best practice to achieve the 2030 renewable energy target and to ensure the compatibility of national legislation with EU renewable energy policy. The workshops will take place in all national parliaments of the European Union and will target Members of Parliament together with representatives of the government, the European institutions, relevant industries, NGOs, scientists and other stakeholders.

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The project will encourage national associations and national contact points to involve a dedicated session on RED I and RED II, the related national legislative framework and the status of deployment of RES in their respective countries. Further, a broader range of larger and smaller events and meetings will be organized with core actors of EU RES and energy efficiency associations.

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The consortium will organize high-level expert’s meetings, conferences and workshops at national and European level to foster dialogue between policy makers, regulators, TSOs, DSOs, industry, citizen groups and the scientific community to identify practical issues affecting the development of renewable energy in Member States.

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These events are focused on the identifications of barriers and bottlenecks to RES development at the local and regional levels in the EU Member States. They will also fuel the debate amongst public authorities around successful local policies, cost-efficient technologies and replicable methods of implementing renewable energy measures.

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